July 9, 2023

Headless Wordpress + Next.js + ElasticSearch

This past May 27th marks the 20th Anniversary of Wordpress. I have been using Wordpress for more than 15 years, e.g., I adopted Wordpress for CSWIM in 2012 as a conference co-chair and Wordpress has been powering many websites I built.

Recently, we needed to integrate a CMS with our main site at Takin.AI and chose to use a Headless Wordpress after looking into many other options, such as Strapi, Sanity, etc. The main reason to choose Wordpress is because I know Wordpress very well and we have a Wordpress hosting plan on SiteGround for years.

Basic Setup

We are quite happy with the integration shown at Takin.AI Learning Center and the key steps for this implementation is as follows:

ElasticSearch via ElasticPress Plugin

Follow the steps below to add search using ElasticPress Plugin and ElasticSearch (ES)


PS. The featured image for this post is generated using Stable Diffusion, whose full parameters with model link can be found at Replicable.Art.