April 23, 2022

When Data Science Meets NFT


I created an open dataset for the Crypto Coven NFT collection using OpenSea API and my scripts (it took about 4 hours to download all images), which can be used to teach/practice various topics, such as exploratory data analysis, time series analysis, data visualization, predictive analytics, text mining, and image analytics via deep learning.

The dataset can be accessed at Kaggle. I also added some simple code notebooks and look forward to more contributions from the community:

Analysis Examples

I have used this dataset for assignments in the undergraduate data analytics and machine learning courses I teach.

I list some analysis examples here.

I hope you find this dataset interesting and useful and use it in your teaching and learning.

PS. I made the witch collage shown at the top of this post using the images in this dataset, which can be downloaded from Figma.com.