June 9, 2022

CloseSea - the Smallest NFT Marketplace

I developed and deployed CloseSea: the smallest NFT marketplace :) based on the great tutorial by Nader Dabit.

I added a few things on top of Nader’s tutorial:

You can play with the demo at https://closesea-one.vercel.app/, which uses the contract deployed on Rinkeby - you need to connect your wallet, switch to Rinkeby network, and use test Rinkeby eth to list and trade.

The listed/minted NFTs can be seen at https://testnets.opensea.io/collection/closesea-collection.

The code and docs can be accessed at Repo.

The followings are used in this project:


Landing Page:

Manage Contract Page:

Collection on OpenSea:

Traits on OpenSea:

PS. The image for this post is generated via Midjourney using the prompt “ocean with popular nft images floating around”.