February 26, 2024

The Tech Stack that Works for My (AI) Startups

Last updated in Feb. 2024

In this post, I list the tech stack and related services that support our products at Takin.ai and HiddenArt.ai and the things we tried but did not work.


Note that we use Nextjs monorepo to include projects on API, Blog, Admin, Gallery, etc.



Github for everything: code management and collaboration, issues, CI/CD

Data Collection



Stripe for everything related to payment

Dev Tools


Headless Wordpress hosted on SiteGround - see my other related post on Headless Wordpress + Next.js + ElasticSearch for more details.

Domain Names

I register all my domains mainly from the following websites - NameCheap is cheaper with additional features. The DNS servers are then changed to SiteGround to use company email service and CMS.


Misc Tools

Hope this can provide some useful information for you.

PS. The featured image for this post is generated using HiddenArt.ai.